Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have open enrollment

Yes, we will accept a child in pull ups with specific guidelines.

Yes, we offer a five, half day program

Yes. We have strict guidelines we follow if your child has an allergy.

Yes, our entire staff is CPR and First Aid certified.

We understand how difficult separation can be for both parents and children. Making this transition easy for your family is our main goal. Every child is different and every situation is handled to meet the specific needs of your child. We will comfort your child and stay in close contact with you during their day about their progress. Often times, children settle down within the first few minutes and adjust to the new routine in a short period of time.

Yes. We are licensed through the NYS Department of Education Board of Regents.

Yes, we have annual parent/teacher conferences.

Tuition is an annual fee broken into 10 equal payments. The payments are automatically due the first of each month.

Yes, class parents help with celebrations and special events.

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